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A luxury you can afford


Meet tanisha

Twelve years ago, I started handcrafting products to combat my sensitive skincare needs.  My love of chemistry and thirst for knowledge led me to create products chocked full of natural ingredients where love was the most prominent ingredient.  As I began to share my essentials with others, I realized more people were looking to love the skin they were in.  I was determined to create fun, clean, green beauty products that are environmentally friendly and made with fair trade and organic ingredients.  


The company really started to take shape as I talked to customers and they were looking for more than skincare products…they wanted more than a regimen…they wanted a tried and true routine to follow.  I believe a self-care routine is essential to your wellbeing…to you being happy, confident, and whole.  My clients deserve to treat themselves daily with a luxury they can afford…and I provide that with Mahogany Essentials.

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