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naturally you've got questions...


Does your soap contain lye?


No soap!  Lye or Sodium Hydroxide is an essential ingredient in soap making.  During the saponification process, the lye is mixed with the oils to make soap.  The final bar of soap does not contain any lye. 


Do you have soap for sensitive skin?


Yes, our Calendula Bar is specially formulated to be very mild and is unscented.  It is infused with calendula petals which are known for rejuvenating skin.  Our Castille Bar is also specially formulated for sensitive skin.  It contains 100% Olive Oil and cures for 6 months before being sold.  This ensures the bar is gentle and mild.  This bar is scented with a citrus essential oil blend.  No colorants are added to either bar.


Where else can we find your products?


Besides the website we attend craft shows in the local area - Delaware, Montgomery and Chester Counties.  We update the Soap News Page with informaiton about our events. 


Are your products vegan?


We have a number of vegan products but not all... Some items are made with beeswax and honey and are not vegan.  Any vegan item is listed as such on the website. 


Do you make shower favors?


Yes!  One of our favorite items to make is something specially made for you!  We can customize a soap recipe to your needs and add colors and labels to match your theme.  Please contact us at and we can discuss the details.